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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sense most of my time is spent counting down the days till I get to hold my baby girl and the other part of my time is spent making cute things to decorate her room this is another blog about little miss X.

I went to Joanns Fabric store and got wooden letters. Mine are about 12 inches tall ($2 each)
Then I had my paint. Im doing her room in pink and green so I painted every other one. Then I thought they were to plain so I dressed them up a little by adding some "bling". So I used my hot glue gun and put little jewels on each of them.
To hand it up I took some ribbon and stables it to the back of each letter and tied a bow at the top then had my handy husband hammer up the nails and we hung them up! I love it!
This is her room so far! I will blog about the adorable quilt (my first sewing project) in the next post that I make.
It cost a total of $20. I splurged on the ribbon and bought like 18yards of it so I could use it for other projects!

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