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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gum balls

hings you need:
One Pot
One pot dish (I know that isn't the technical term but I am blanking for the moment. The dish the pot sits in and catches the excess water)
A wooden wheel: like 79 cents at the crafts store

A knob: (I know I got this for cheap at home 30 cents or something:

Now take those 4 things and spray them RED!

Now, you are going to need a round fish bowl.

Now after the paint is'll need to paint on the details:
Just a gray rectangle
(make sure the pot is upside down!!!)

NOw hot glue the bowl to the upside down pot:

Then hot glue the knob and the wheel together:
Then hot glue that to the dish (upside down)
This is the lid it should fit right on the top of the bowl
Fill with bubble gum (or you could use it as a cookie jar)
Thats about 4 bucks worth of gum balls!

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