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Thursday, August 18, 2011



A Few Black Sparkly Skulls – $ 1 each

8 Black Feather Boas – $2 each.

Black Gauze – $1

Styrofoam wreath

In just moments I’m going to wrap the black feather boas around the wreath, but to make sure they stay where you want them you should cut some wire into 2 inch pieces …

… and then bend them over so they’re like modified clippy things.

Start wrapping and clipping your boas around the wreath.

When you’ve applied approximately 17 birds worth, you’ll have something that looks like this.

If you need a little more room in the centre of your wreath, just clip away some of the feathers so you have a bigger opening.

I randomly cut small pieces of the black gauze and then pinned them “pleasingly” on the wreath. Just wherever I thought it looked good.

Every so often hold your wreath up to see what it’ll look like hanging.

The sparkly skulls I got from the Dollar store had tooling and ribbons around their necks and came on sticks. However, I didn’t like where the sticks were, so I cut them off …

… and placed them where I wanted them, in the backs of the skulls. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love these sparkly styrofoam skulls. They make me want to grin and stretch my arms above my head like I’m about to have a delicious bowl of sugar cereal.

Hang it on the door, bat your eyelashes at Gomez and call it a night.

Oh yes! And I put mini-lights into it for nighttime viewing.

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