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Friday, October 8, 2010

Jumbo Candy Corn

Jumbo Styrofoam Candy Corn

I am soooo excited about this post! I giggled out loud twice when I was making these. (Would that be GOL?) I've been frustrated, too, as I lost my camera cord!!! I went out this afternoon and bought a card reader. You know what's destined to happen now? Yes, I'll lose the card. Let's get goin' with the good stuff, shall we?

I bought two sets of two cones at Walmart~cost $7, (these are 7-8") then I carved the sides off and gently rounded the ends using a steak knife. Next, I made a batch of plaster (purchased for 49¢ on clearance from Michael's-woot!) A shout out to Marianne from Songbird is in order, I purchased the plaster after I saw her very cool post on using plaster to coat fabric flowers.

I mixed it up on the thin side and poured it over the carved styrofoam. (Giggle out loud #1 when this worked well!) There were a few places when the plaster dried that had hollow bubble spots. I would suggest for those spots to use spackle. (I tried putting another coat of plaster over the first and it didn't work out that well.)

After they dried overnight, I painted them traditional candy corn colors.

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